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Diamond DA-42 MPP


** SOLD **
  • Diamond DA-42 MPP For Sale
  • Diamond DA-42 MPP For Sale
  • DSC 0238
  • Diamond DA-42 MPP For Sale
  • Diamond DA-42 MPP For Sale
  • DSC 0238
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Airframe Hours: 2654:00  (as of 07/12/2016)
Prop Hours: L/H: 344 and R/H: 594
Engine Hours: L/H: 1226 and R/H: 1226 

IFR 4 seat DA42 D with G1000
Thielert Centurion 2.0 (135hp) JetA1 Powerplant with FADEC
MT, 3 Blade, Hydraulic Constant Speed Propeller
Chop Detachable Nose
Set of HT Tips
Bubble Canopy
Reinforced Belly Hard Points
Increased MTOW
Auxiliary Fuel Tanks fitted
Fully TKS De- icing Certified
De Feathering Accumulator fitted
Variable Elevator stop fitted
White with Blue and Silver Stripes
Cream Leather Interior
Avionics package
Dual Garmin G1000 units
Avidyne TAS System fitted
WX 500 Stormscope
Integrated Honeywell KN63 DME
Garmin GTX33 Mode S Transponder
Garmin GRS 77 AHRS
Garmin GRS 77 VOR
GFC 700 Autopilot system
Additional Information
Safety Cabin Design and Safety Seats (up to 26 ‘G’)
Instrument Lighting
Overhead Cabin Light
3-Point Safety Belts, Automatic, All Seats
High Gloss Multi Layer Paint
FAILSAFE Airframe Design
Lightning Protection System
Airframe/Engine Interface Unit
Electronically Operated Flap System
Landing Light, Taxi Light, Position Lights
ACL, Heated Pitot Static Tube
Fire Extinguisher,

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